A Nice Innovation For Rustic Style Bedding

Rustic Bedroom Bedding

Who does not like to sleep under a fresh, clean rustic style bedding now? I do, I love it! I regularly buy a new cover. A nice innovation for my bedroom. But what do you have to pay attention to when you buy a new duvet cover? It is very important to look at the material of your duvet cover. You can buy duvet covers from cotton, flannel or satin. Each material has different properties.

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There are different types of cotton, so flannel and satin are also a cotton type. If you opt for a ‘normal’ cotton duvet cover, then you have a difference in quality. The quality depends on the weaving density and the yarn fineness. The advantage of a cotton duvet cover is that it is suitable all year round. The fabric is warm in the winter and cools in the summer.

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Flannel is just 100% cotton, but the cotton is roughened on both sides, making it wonderfully soft. If you are cold, or you like a warm bed, then a flannel duvet cover is the duvet cover for you. A flannel duvet cover adapts quickly to your body temperature and also holds warmth. A duvet cover of flannel is therefore often used in the winter.