Choosing Rustic Western Bedding

Stripe Turquoise Western Bedding

Many stores now sell combination sets with cowboy sheets, blankets, pillows, ruffles and wall hangings. If you do not have much time or money, iron applications on regular, rustic western bedding, pillows and curtains. You can also use plain denim fabric and suns cloths to sew simple pillows, blankets and blankets. Likewise, preschools are furniture with a western design that is available from stores, but you can also decorate the pieces yourself. Stickers can also be added to the back of a rocking chair, with a cowboy quilt throwing and matching pillow.

For wall hangings, use cowboy art prints or pictures from children’s books and frame them. You can also create shadow boxes with scrapbooking items from craft stores or toy cowboy items mounted inside. For accessories, decoupage cutouts from cowboy kids’ books to a lampshade. Look for door handles, candle lights and watches with the theme, and group a bunch of cowboy storybooks between two cacti or the nesting-bronco book support.

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Choose rustic western bedding themed bedroom furniture. Wide beams and dark wood tones will make the room look like a ranch hand’s barracks. There are plenty of styles to choose from at furniture stores. A popular choice for a western theme is furniture with a faux timber look. Accessorize with lamps that have faux leather shades or stirrups printed on the fabric. You can also buy electric lamps that look like old-fashioned lamps. If the young boy has a bookshelf, buy book support that looks like cowboy hats, horses or a cowboy leaning against a fence row. Make a rustic looking room decor by tying a lasso along with leather strings to create a wreath. Decorate with horseshoes, arrowheads or a bridle.

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