Cozy Vintage Bed Sheets Style

Sea Shell Vintage Bed Cover

Vintage bed sheets, a vintage of blankets and a mattress so soft. We all have our own ideas for a dream bedroom. One loves dark, the other of light. Be inspired this time by the cozy vintage bedroom style. It is a cozy modern room with a nod to the Art Deco style movement. Bedroom must be relaxed and serene, there are no TV, laptops or telephones on purpose. Today we tell you which elements you can decorate your bedroom in this style and we give you some examples of all the different spheres you can create with them.

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The word vintage is used for furniture and accessories that are at least 30 years old. They are all unique items from the fifties, sixties, seventies and early eighties. Vintage furniture has visible traces of use and are therefore really old. Vintage is often confused with retro. You can easily distinguish the two because vintage is old and retro is new .

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With retro, old items from the same periods are copied and copied. You can also mix retro and vintage items with each other into a retro vintage interior. The most important feature within the vintage style is the old furniture of wood with curved lines, decorative edges, original legs and a beautiful shape. Because these furniture exude character, they create a pleasant and unique atmosphere in your home.