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Themed teenage bed spreads will tie a boardroom with modern patterns, favorite fandoms, pretty floral quilts or daring damask designs. When choosing the design, consider the theme of the room. If the theme is suns, stars, and moons, choose a blanket with the corresponding theme. When creating a quick or dramatic style, place the bed against an accent wall and choose to the bed of the same color.

Polka dots, squares, and striped patterns fit perfectly with the start of a teenager’s modern rooms. The different colors of polka dots and stripes paired with a neutral sheet that is the same color as the walls will contrast this modern look. These patterns can fit all bed styles such as captain, metal, wood, pavilion and large headers. Match vintage, neon colors on your bedspread for a fun 70s look, black and pink for crisp contrast or soft colors for a softer look. Polka dots can be carefree or class, depending on size and colors, making a wonderful transition from a fun quilt to a sophisticated, adult bedroom.

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The idea of flower beds never goes out of style. When acquired with the style of the bold, animated flower, your bedroom will have a fun, feminine, carefree look. Pair this with any style of bed and flower style pillow trimming in the same color palette. If she is looking for a “sophisticated-princess” look, buy a more subdued floral bedspread style and pair it with a ruffled dust flyer, distressed antique furniture and mismatched pillows for a messy-chic room. This seems to work best with canopy beds or metal framed.

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